The big plane wrangles development.

Large aircraft generally refers to the total take-off weight of more than 100 tons of transport aircraft, including the military and civilian large transport aircraft, including more than 150 trunkliner. The world is only the United States, Europe and Russia have the ability to create large aircraft DIY home, while the main occupation of the international commercial market only Boeing of the us and Europe’s airbus.
The big plane wrangles development in our country. In the early 70 s, our country has started the development of large aircraft “10”, but for various reasons, the final in 1985.
To want to do there has been debate in domestic large aircraft. It is considered that in today’s world is increasingly open and globalized world, foreign large aircraft industry has been very mature, we buy ready-made abroad can satisfy the demand of domestic civil aviation aircraft, is what also don’t want to get?
With Zhang Qingwei conversation naturally from this trip.
“Today we make large aircraft is both to in large civil aircraft can occupy the Chinese market place, after all, this is a very big market, as a big developing country, it is difficult to be watched large market was monopolized by the people, divide and turn a blind eye.”
Zhang Qingwei temper: “but, we make the meaning of large aircraft and not just in large aircraft itself. To develop large aircraft to enhance the overall strength of a country, upgrading industry, promote the progress of science and technology property hk, the formation of the meaning of a new growth point of national economy, such as bigger.”
Large passenger aircraft is currently the world’s most complex, the highest technical content, known as the “flower of the industry”, light parts there from 3 million to 6 million. And because the security and durability of the civil aircraft requirements are far higher than that of civilian products such as cars, trains, operating life of up to tens of thousands of hours, for decades, so on the material, electronic, equipment, metallurgical requirements is very high, in the upstream industry, such as through the large aircraft, is bound to promote the related industry upgrading. !