The production of the iPhone 5 models .

Apple said on user support website, in March 2013, the production of the iPhone 5 models may be affected by the problem of switch. Problems of the switch or indirect job loss function. Apple did not disclose how many iPhone 5 influenced by this problem, the user can enter the serial number on apple website query whether mobile phone needs to be repaired, or the phone will be sent to or mail it to the apple store for repair.
Apple spokeswoman Theresa Brewer (Teresa Brewer) said on Friday: “apple will be the problems and have a regular serial number of the iPhone 5 models free replacement switch.”
Apple rarely large-scale maintenance measures for its product, the fault is also very rare. Apple proud of hardware engineering and design, especially its flagship iPhone, apple for more than half of the revenue. Apple from the end of 2013 to start selling the iPhone 5 s and the iPhone 5 c. Driven by markets such as China, Japan, the iPhone in the first quarter this year sales of 43.7 million units, more than expected.
Apple also encounter “antenna” in 2010. Apple acknowledged that the iPhone 4 in a handheld manner may signal leakage problems. Apple offers free mobile then correct the problem.

The monkeys’ systematic errors .

To ensure that the monkeys hadn’t simply memorized every possible combination of symbols and associated a value with the combination—this wouldn’t be true addition—Livingstone’s team next taught the animals an entirely new set of symbols —Tetris-like blocks rather than letters and numbers. With the new symbols, the monkeys were again able to add—this time calculating the value of combinations they’d never seen before and confirming the ability to do basic addition, the team reports online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

But when Livingstone and colleagues started analyzing the data in more detail—they had the results of hundreds of tests per day for months on end—they realized that the monkeys weren’t 100% accurate. They tended to underestimate a sum compared with a single symbol when the two were close in value—sometimes choosing, for example, a 13 over the sum of eight and six. The underestimation was systematic—when adding two numbers, the monkeys always paid attention to the larger of the two, and then added only a fraction of the smaller number to it.

The monkeys’ systematic errors argue against one theory of how the mammalian brain processes numbers. “What they’re doing is paying more attention to the big number than the little one,” Livingstone explains. But the altered values weren’t tied intrinsically to the symbols. If eight was the larger of two numbers in a sum, then its full value was considered, but if it was being added to a larger number, its value was diminished. One prevailing theory on number representation—dubbed logarithmic encoding—had proposed that the brain always underestimates the value of larger numbers in a systematic and unchangeable way. In such a case, the value of eight wouldn’t vary based on the situation as Livingstone observed.

“They’ve shown that it’s very unlikely that there’s some kind of logarithmic encoding of numbers,” says psychologist David Burr of the University of Florence in Italy, who was not involved in the new work. Further research on how humans and monkeys estimate the value of numbers, and how this plays a role in the brain’s ability to add two values, could shed light on dyscalculia—a human learning disability specific to mathematics. Children with dyscalculia often have trouble not only adding numbers, but quickly guessing how many objects are in a group. Together with the new results on rhesus macaques, this suggests that estimating values is key to the ability to add.

“Being able to estimate obviously has survival value;

New type 041 submarine has inclined bridge.

In china ,New type 041 submarine has inclined bridge, similar to the latest German submarine design. According to reports, this new type of tilt the base of the bridge may additional installed a high-frequency sonar, the same as the other similar design. Compared with previous sub models, the new submarine body shape may be slightly longer.
According to unconfirmed sources in China, according to new submarines displacement is about 3500 tons, and the type 041 after several submarine is about 3000 tons. This may indicate that the modified submarines equipped with more weapons. Jane’s warships yearbook data shows that the people’s liberation army navy has several type 041 submarine is equipped with the eagle hit – 2 anti-ship missiles, fish and fish – 3-4 passive homing torpedo active/passive homing torpedo, and could carry “fish” – 6 wake homing torpedo. Basic export-oriented submarine S20 debut in 2013, displacement of about 2300 tons.
It is believed that since 2004, built the people’s liberation army navy, a total of 12 041 “yuan” class of conventional submarine. The pentagon, however, in its May 2013 submitted to congress the annual report of China’s military, said the number is likely to reach 20.
New picture of exposure also shows that China is building a new nearly full-size model of large surface ships. Close to the model built from 2008 to 2009 in liaoning ship nearly full-size replica. Similar to aircraft carrier replica, this new model could simulate radar equipment and other offensive and defensive electronic system. Reflect on the model the system, convenient design improvement, also in the future the operator training.

Modern aircraft with its intelligence and automation.

Maybe a lot of people think, modern aircraft with its intelligence and automation, can realize automatic flight. This is obviously wrong. In some cases, the automation can reduce the pilot’s workload. But in other cases, when the automation system is not suitable, use it instead of increased workload. What level of pilots should know how to reasonably use the automation level. Sully says he is not a reverse technology, but he thinks that advanced technology is no substitute for experience, also does not take the place of skills and judgment.
Computer can only perform operations under the direction of a person, no matter is the pilot with hands or with the help of the technology of flight, fundamentally still rely on their brains to fly, they to the actual situation of external environment, such as aircraft, maintain accurate “situational awareness”, to use at any time for many years of experience, knowledge and technology for rapid, weigh everything they had at their disposal and their unknown things.
In the process of flight, the importance for the pilot, he is a manager. As a manager in the machine to run automatically, is always the one to decide when to use automated equipment to reduce the workload, give aircraft orders by computer instead of the pilot’s hands.
In addition, in some cases, it may actually increase with automation equipment pilot’s workload. For example, the local surface replacement of runway of instructions, if it is a manual operation, the driver needs to adjust the new runway in navigation receiver navigation frequency is ok; In today’s high degree of automation on the plane, but need to spend more time on the computer to choose a new runway, confirm new navigation frequency and track data, and check the map control data, in order to ensure accurate operation. As a result, tend to be on the computer by 10 multiple keys to complete the operation.