Systemic fungicide basically has the following categories

Fungicide is used for the prevention and cure of plant diseases caused by different kinds of pathogenic microorganism pesticide, generally refers to fungicides. But in the world, is usually as the floorboard of the medicament for the prevention and control of all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms. With the development of fungicide, and distinguish between kill bacteria agent, kill the virus, kinds and algicide, etc. According to the survey, the world is harmful to the plants of pathogenic microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, rickettsia, mycoplasma, viruses, algae, etc.) there are more than 80000 kinds. Plant diseases caused huge losses to agriculture, the world’s crops reduce output of about 5 trillion kg per year on average. Has repeatedly occurred in the history of the severe famine caused by some kind of plant disease epidemic, even a large number of people starve to death the evil. Use of bactericide is a economic and effective prevention and control of plant diseases.
The role of fungicide way has two kinds: one is the protective fungicide, the other is the systemic fungicide.
First, protective fungicide
Type 1,
Protective fungicide basically has the following categories: sulfur and inorganic sulfur compounds, such as sulfur, suspending agent, solid lime sulfur agent, etc.; Copper agents, mainly bordeaux mixture, copper ammonia mixture, etc.; Organic sulfur compounds, such as TMTD, zineb, generation, ammonium, mancozeb, etc; Phthalic acid and ammonium, such as captan, against bacteria and sterilization Dan Dan, etc.; Antibiotics, such as jinggangmeisu, destroy the blast element, more oxygen and amphotericin, etc.; Other classes, such as leaf blight spirit, bacterial leaf blight net, chlorothalonil, ning heads, etc.
2, action way
In plant body or body direct contact with the pathogen, kill or inhibit pathogenic bacteria, making them unable to enter plant, so as to protect plants from the dangers of pathogenic bacteria. Such fungicide known as protective fungicide, its function has two aspects:
1, contact with pathogens directly kill pathogenic bacteria after spraying, namely “sexual contact antiseptic effect”.
2, sprayed agent on the plant surface, when pathogens falls on a plant in contact with the agent and poison, referred to as the “reasons antiseptic effect”.
Second, systemic fungicide
Type 1,
Systemic fungicide basically has the following categories: benzene and imidazoles, such as benomyl, carbendazim, probenazole, sulfur bacteria spirit and methyl sulfur bacteria spirit, etc. Two formyl amine, such as different bacteria urea, ethylene sclerotium; Organophosphorus, such as rice blast net, net, three different rice blast ethyl phosphonic acid aluminum, etc.; Phenyl amide class, such as armor frost spirit; Sterol biosynthesis inhibitor class, this kind of fungicide including 13 morpholine, ammonia spirit, butyl saite, thioridazine bacteria organism and b bacteria organism, imazalil and mi amide, triazole alcohols and triadimefon, etc., from the point of view of chemical structure, they respectively belonged to morpholine, pyrazole Lin, pyridine, pyrimidine, imidazole, 2, 4 – triazole compounds. Sterol synthesis inhibitors class fungicide with protective and therapeutic effect, has a wide sterilization spectrum.
2, action way
Systemic fungicide used on a certain parts of the object before can be absorbed by crops, and transport to other parts of objects in the body, has the performance of fungicide known as the “systemic fungicide: systemic insecticide. There are two kinds of mode of transmission:
(1) to the top of transduction, namely after the drug is absorbed into plant with transpiration flow at the top of the plant to the parietal lobe, the shoot apex and leaf and leaf margin. At present, a lot of the systemic fungicide category.
Diction is the basic transmission, namely drug absorbed by plants in the phloem after conduction down the transportation of the product of photosynthesis.
The principle of 3, fungicide control of plant diseases
In a nutshell, fungicide is compound of pathogenic microorganisms have poison effect. But the word “sterilization” meaning is not limited to “kill” pathogenic microorganism growth and spore germination two layers of meaning. Can kill pathogenic microorganism bactericide bactericidal effect, can inhibit pathogens spores germination and growth of antiseptic bacteriostasis, both role can achieve the purpose of prevention and cure on agricultural production. Fungicide role in a different way, using methods that vary, but fundamentally, fungicide principle of the prevention and treatment of diseases of three, namely chemical protection, chemical treatment and chemical immunization.

A type of learning.

For the most part, the brain stops producing new neurons—a process called neurogenesis—soon after birth. In humans, mice, and some other species, however, neurogenesis continues throughout life in a brain region that encodes memories about space and events, called the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus. In adult humans, the dentate gyrus produces roughly 700 new brain cells each day.

Studies in mice have shown that suppressing neurogenesis can impair a type of learning called pattern separation, which allows us to distinguish between two similar but slightly different circumstances. One example is remembering where you parked the car from 1 day to the next, explains René Hen, a neuroscientist at Columbia University who was not involved in the new study.

Although the precise role of neurogenesis in memory is still controversial, more than a decade of research has demonstrated that boosting neurogenesis with exercise and antidepressants such as Prozac can increase rodents’ ability to learn new information about places and events. A few years ago, however, neuroscientist Paul Frankland of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, noticed that some of the animals in his experiment actually did worse on certain memory tasks when their neuron birth rates had been ramped up. In particular, they performed poorly on tests that required them to retain details about past events.

The result was “way too interesting to ignore,” Frankland says. Because neurogenesis surges in newborn mice and humans and then tapers to a slow trickle by adulthood, Frankland and colleagues wondered if that explosion of new neurons could help explain the widespread phenomenon of infantile amnesia—the inability of adults to remember events that occurred before they were 2 to 4 years old. Some theoretical models suggested that new neurons destabilize memories already stored in the hippocampus by degrading the information there, but the idea had never been explored in live animals.

The production of the iPhone 5 models .

Apple said on user support website, in March 2013, the production of the iPhone 5 models may be affected by the problem of switch. Problems of the switch or indirect job loss function. Apple did not disclose how many iPhone 5 influenced by this problem, the user can enter the serial number on apple website query whether mobile phone needs to be repaired, or the phone will be sent to or mail it to the apple store for repair.
Apple spokeswoman Theresa Brewer (Teresa Brewer) said on Friday: “apple will be the problems and have a regular serial number of the iPhone 5 models free replacement switch.”
Apple rarely large-scale maintenance measures for its product, the fault is also very rare. Apple proud of hardware engineering and design, especially its flagship iPhone, apple for more than half of the revenue. Apple from the end of 2013 to start selling the iPhone 5 s and the iPhone 5 c. Driven by markets such as China, Japan, the iPhone in the first quarter this year sales of 43.7 million units, more than expected.
Apple also encounter “antenna” in 2010. Apple acknowledged that the iPhone 4 in a handheld manner may signal leakage problems. Apple offers free mobile then correct the problem.

New type 041 submarine has inclined bridge.

In china ,New type 041 submarine has inclined bridge, similar to the latest German submarine design. According to reports, this new type of tilt the base of the bridge may additional installed a high-frequency sonar, the same as the other similar design. Compared with previous sub models, the new submarine body shape may be slightly longer.
According to unconfirmed sources in China, according to new submarines displacement is about 3500 tons, and the type 041 after several submarine is about 3000 tons. This may indicate that the modified submarines equipped with more weapons. Jane’s warships yearbook data shows that the people’s liberation army navy has several type 041 submarine is equipped with the eagle hit – 2 anti-ship missiles, fish and fish – 3-4 passive homing torpedo active/passive homing torpedo, and could carry “fish” – 6 wake homing torpedo. Basic export-oriented submarine S20 debut in 2013, displacement of about 2300 tons.
It is believed that since 2004, built the people’s liberation army navy, a total of 12 041 “yuan” class of conventional submarine. The pentagon, however, in its May 2013 submitted to congress the annual report of China’s military, said the number is likely to reach 20.
New picture of exposure also shows that China is building a new nearly full-size model of large surface ships. Close to the model built from 2008 to 2009 in liaoning ship nearly full-size replica. Similar to aircraft carrier replica, this new model could simulate radar equipment and other offensive and defensive electronic system. Reflect on the model the system, convenient design improvement, also in the future the operator training.

The big plane wrangles development.

Large aircraft generally refers to the total take-off weight of more than 100 tons of transport aircraft, including the military and civilian large transport aircraft, including more than 150 trunkliner. The world is only the United States, Europe and Russia have the ability to create large aircraft DIY home, while the main occupation of the international commercial market only Boeing of the us and Europe’s airbus.
The big plane wrangles development in our country. In the early 70 s, our country has started the development of large aircraft “10”, but for various reasons, the final in 1985.
To want to do there has been debate in domestic large aircraft. It is considered that in today’s world is increasingly open and globalized world, foreign large aircraft industry has been very mature, we buy ready-made abroad can satisfy the demand of domestic civil aviation aircraft, is what also don’t want to get?
With Zhang Qingwei conversation naturally from this trip.
“Today we make large aircraft is both to in large civil aircraft can occupy the Chinese market place, after all, this is a very big market, as a big developing country, it is difficult to be watched large market was monopolized by the people, divide and turn a blind eye.”
Zhang Qingwei temper: “but, we make the meaning of large aircraft and not just in large aircraft itself. To develop large aircraft to enhance the overall strength of a country, upgrading industry, promote the progress of science and technology property hk, the formation of the meaning of a new growth point of national economy, such as bigger.”
Large passenger aircraft is currently the world’s most complex, the highest technical content, known as the “flower of the industry”, light parts there from 3 million to 6 million. And because the security and durability of the civil aircraft requirements are far higher than that of civilian products such as cars, trains, operating life of up to tens of thousands of hours, for decades, so on the material, electronic, equipment, metallurgical requirements is very high, in the upstream industry, such as through the large aircraft, is bound to promote the related industry upgrading. !