Such a high reliability of the materials.

As the electronic equipment function is more and more strong, the body is more and more small, heat dissipation problems have become more and more complicated. Engineers have been looking for a better thermal interface materials, effective heat dissipation to help electronic equipment. Amorphous polymer material is a poor conductor of heat, because their disorder limits the heat conduction transfer of phonons. In the polymer can be used to create neat crystal structure to improve its thermal conductivity, but the structure is formed by fiber drawing process, can lead to brittle materials.
George woodruff school of mechanical engineering at Georgia tech, said barak figure DE carat, assistant professor of new thermal interface material is made by using conjugated polymer poly (thiophene and its neat nanofiber arrays are not only good for transfer of phonon, and avoid the brittleness of materials. New materials in the thermal conductivity at room temperature is 4.4 w/m, kelvin, and has set up 80 times in 200 ℃ temperature thermal cycle test, performance remained stable; Between the chip and heat sink, by contrast, commonly used solder thermal interface materials, work in the process of the high temperature of reflow may become unreliable.
Nanometer fiber array structure is made by multiple steps: researchers first electrolyte containing a single coated on a tiny pore alumina template, and then to the template applied potential, every pore of electrode will attract monomer, began to form hollow nanofibers. Fibre length and wall thickness by applying the electrical flow and time control, the diameter of the fiber is determined by the size of the pore, ranging from 18 nm to 300 nm. The thickness of the traditional thermal interface materials about 50 microns to 75 microns, and this way to get new material thickness can be thin to 3 microns.
Carat, said the technology still needs further improvement, but he believes that the future can expand production and commercialization. “Such a high reliability of the materials for solving the problem of heat dissipation is very attractive. The material may eventually change the way we design electronic system.”

Modern aircraft with its intelligence and automation.

Maybe a lot of people think, modern aircraft with its intelligence and automation, can realize automatic flight. This is obviously wrong. In some cases, the automation can reduce the pilot’s workload. But in other cases, when the automation system is not suitable, use it instead of increased workload. What level of pilots should know how to reasonably use the automation level. Sully says he is not a reverse technology, but he thinks that advanced technology is no substitute for experience, also does not take the place of skills and judgment.
Computer can only perform operations under the direction of a person, no matter is the pilot with hands or with the help of the technology of flight, fundamentally still rely on their brains to fly, they to the actual situation of external environment, such as aircraft, maintain accurate “situational awareness”, to use at any time for many years of experience, knowledge and technology for rapid, weigh everything they had at their disposal and their unknown things.
In the process of flight, the importance for the pilot, he is a manager. As a manager in the machine to run automatically, is always the one to decide when to use automated equipment to reduce the workload, give aircraft orders by computer instead of the pilot’s hands.
In addition, in some cases, it may actually increase with automation equipment pilot’s workload. For example, the local surface replacement of runway of instructions, if it is a manual operation, the driver needs to adjust the new runway in navigation receiver navigation frequency is ok; In today’s high degree of automation on the plane, but need to spend more time on the computer to choose a new runway, confirm new navigation frequency and track data, and check the map control data, in order to ensure accurate operation. As a result, tend to be on the computer by 10 multiple keys to complete the operation.