The production of the iPhone 5 models .

Apple said on user support website, in March 2013, the production of the iPhone 5 models may be affected by the problem of switch. Problems of the switch or indirect job loss function. Apple did not disclose how many iPhone 5 influenced by this problem, the user can enter the serial number on apple website query whether mobile phone needs to be repaired, or the phone will be sent to or mail it to the apple store for repair.
Apple spokeswoman Theresa Brewer (Teresa Brewer) said on Friday: “apple will be the problems and have a regular serial number of the iPhone 5 models free replacement switch.”
Apple rarely large-scale maintenance measures for its product, the fault is also very rare. Apple proud of hardware engineering and design, especially its flagship iPhone, apple for more than half of the revenue. Apple from the end of 2013 to start selling the iPhone 5 s and the iPhone 5 c. Driven by markets such as China, Japan, the iPhone in the first quarter this year sales of 43.7 million units, more than expected.
Apple also encounter “antenna” in 2010. Apple acknowledged that the iPhone 4 in a handheld manner may signal leakage problems. Apple offers free mobile then correct the problem.