New type 041 submarine has inclined bridge.

In china ,New type 041 submarine has inclined bridge, similar to the latest German submarine design. According to reports, this new type of tilt the base of the bridge may additional installed a high-frequency sonar, the same as the other similar design. Compared with previous sub models, the new submarine body shape may be slightly longer.
According to unconfirmed sources in China, according to new submarines displacement is about 3500 tons, and the type 041 after several submarine is about 3000 tons. This may indicate that the modified submarines equipped with more weapons. Jane’s warships yearbook data shows that the people’s liberation army navy has several type 041 submarine is equipped with the eagle hit – 2 anti-ship missiles, fish and fish – 3-4 passive homing torpedo active/passive homing torpedo, and could carry “fish” – 6 wake homing torpedo. Basic export-oriented submarine S20 debut in 2013, displacement of about 2300 tons.
It is believed that since 2004, built the people’s liberation army navy, a total of 12 041 “yuan” class of conventional submarine. The pentagon, however, in its May 2013 submitted to congress the annual report of China’s military, said the number is likely to reach 20.
New picture of exposure also shows that China is building a new nearly full-size model of large surface ships. Close to the model built from 2008 to 2009 in liaoning ship nearly full-size replica. Similar to aircraft carrier replica, this new model could simulate radar equipment and other offensive and defensive electronic system. Reflect on the model the system, convenient design improvement, also in the future the operator training.